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Common Questions

Let's focus on a few questions you might have about happyfathersday.biz, also known as happyfathersday.biz, Everyone likes a clear view of the things they are investing in..

Presales Questions

What file formats do you offer?


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After Purchase

Where do i find my files?

Your files will be available for immediate download, after successful checkout!

Simply log into the email used at register/purchase and folllow the link to download your files.

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If you did not receive any email from us at the email address used to place the order, it may be due to our email being blocked by your spam filter. Please check in your spam folder to see if our email was mistakenly routed there. You may need to add the following email address to your contacts list:  sales [at] Happyfathersday [dot] biz or please call or email our support line so that we can get your email address corrected on the order.

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What if the music I downloaded is not the music I purchased?

As we make every effort to verify the quality and accuracy of the Products, it may be possible for a download to vary significantly from its representation. If the download you receive is not the Product represented by your purchase as determined by Happyfathersday.biz, we make the following guarantee to the buyer: We will make available, free of charge, another download link to the correct Product.

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Refund / Support

Is there a Refund Policy?

Refund Policy

Happyfathersday.biz does not offer refunds. By signing up you agree to the terms and acknowledge that due to the nature of digital downloads we are not able to offer refunds. All sales are final since Happyfathersday.biz  products are instantly downloadable digital media. Once you have our files there is no way to \"return\" it. Subscriptions/Memberships can be cancled at any time,

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Do you offer support in any event?

Support Policy

YES.. any reasonable request for support will be honored.. although, Happyfathersday.biz reserves the right to decline any support request it deems as unreasonable or violating its terms of service, including from customers who post dispute or charge-back claims posted directly via your card issuer or Happyfathersday.biz's payment processor PayPal.

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What payment methods do you accept?

Payment Methods

Currently we accept only electronic payments in U.S. currency using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.

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